Sibiu Park

Our residential area is located in the beautiful natural background of Sibiu, a city with a rich historical and cultural past.

As the European Cultural City capital for 2007, Sibiu offers the perfect location for a residential development, being one of the top cities of Romania in terms of service facilities and its many cultural activities.

Just 4 km away from the main city vibrancy, Bavaria Residential Park Sibiu prepares you for peace of mind and tranquility in a natural surrounding, completed to give your life the everyday comfort it deserves.

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The Bavaria Park location is the perfect choice for this project as the landscaping comes in harmony with the entire surroundings.

The planning was inspired by the "up-town” concept, offering a scenic view over the beauty of the Fagaras Mountains during the day and a great image of the bright Sibiu City at night.

The design and division of plots was made taking into account the individuality of each location and piece of land, so that the future houses will respect privacy and the residents can enjoy the beautiful scenery in the peace of their own home.

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The Bavaria Park was developed with the comfort of its future residents in mind, 136 individual plots, fully endowed and connected to the main networks of gas, water, electricity and sewage.

The entire project will have more than 21 hectares from which the first step of the project is 7 hectares of development.

Along with our Dutch planners we have created unique green areas using a diversity of trees and flowers, a perfect choice for playgrounds and spaces of complete and utter relaxation.

Downloadable Information

For more information about the plots available at our Sibiu Residential Park, please feel free to click and download the sheets below. They will provide you with the necessary specifics and enable you to make a sound decision prior to contacting ourselves regarding any issue.