Bucharest Park - Balotesti

The Park is positioned just 2 minutes from the 1st National Road (DN1) and 10 minutes from Baneasa Shopping City.

The project benefits from easy access to:

  • DN1 to Unirii Street, in Balotesti
  • Pipera, Tunari, Dimieni, DJ 101 B
  • The new Highway to Brasov

The Numbers:

  • 180 Plots over 13.1 Hectares
  • 600 meters from the Balotesti exit to Dimieni
  • 3.7 km from the DN1 and 20 km from Bucharest
  • 18-21 meters opening for every plot
  • 9 metre wide streets
  • 378-410 and up to 578 sqm to every plot
  • 120 sqm plot print to a house
  • 2 floors houses
  • POT 30 %, CUT 0.9

More Information

The Project started in 2009 and is now 90% sold.


The residential area is secured by 2 transformation points from medium to low tension, one 640 and another 250 kw. These provide all public illumination. The electric network is donated to ENEL SA, providing all connection for future residents. The cost of a house connection will be around 1,000 Euro.

The Sewage:

A state of the art treatment station and network for waste management.

The Water:

2 deep water drills at 65 meters, one treatment plant, a main network connecting the entire district and connections to each individual plot.

More Information Cont.


The Gas network is executed in partnership with the local gas provider: MEGACONSTRUCT srl. The company resides in Balotesti and will further ensure full access of our customers to gas from the main network. A connection fee must be paid per house to the amount of 800 Euros.

At this stage there are 2 houses built and 4 in the process of being built.

The access to the residential area is private and all the public amenities will be brought together under the owners association. This will have a precise duty of administration for the entire complex, chargeable to every household.

Downloadable Information

For more information about the plots available at our Bucharest Residential Park, please feel free to click and download the sheets below. They will provide you with the necessary specifics and enable you to make a sound decision prior to contacting ourselves regarding any issue.