We are flexible, within a high mobility and a really practical sense of response to the market indicators; we tailor our services to fit each client’s needs.

Bavaria Residential Parks are located in Bucharest and Sibiu, in areas excelling not only in fast developments but also in attractive vicinities, away from the city’s perturbation, your benefit being a calm and relaxed life in the middle of the nature.

Sewerage Network

Solution for treatment is represented by an ecological wastewater treatment plant; modular (can be increased depending on consumption). Networks are executed in the first stage of each of our projects.

Water System

We provide an integrated water system consisting of deep water drills 70 to 160 meters, ensuring the quality and properties of water. After rigorous analysis we complete the installations with water treatments and filtering ensuring the result of the highest quality standard.

Connections of water network made to each plot and each individual house.

Gas System

Gas systems are usually made after strong collaborations to the gas providers in each area, connections are made to each individual plot.

Electrical System

The technical solution for the electrical network are mixed aerials on some routes and underground in others. Each plot has secured the necessary energy requirements.

We provide the necessary electrical grid for ​​each plot of our plots.


Bavaria parcele Residential Park sunt disponibile pentru achiziţionare acum asa ca de ce nu intra în contact şi unul din personalul nostru prietenos vă va oferi toate informaţiile de care aveţi nevoie să ştiţi.

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