Residential, industry and commercial projects in Sibiu and Bucharest.

We invest in a diverse real estate market and related businesses such as surveyor companies, landscaping and green energy firms, geothermal energy in particular. Over the last 8 years, Bavaria Invest's real estate businesses have made over 30separate investments with cumulative realised projects of more than 1.5 million sq metres. Our real estate business covers residential developments, industry and commercial projects in Sibiu and Bucharest. In addition to this, we are already planning for some additional 1.2 million sq metres of new projects in the near future.


Creating a better way of living for our customers.

In residential real estate, our philosophy is creating opportunity to ensure a better way of living for our customers. Every day we plan our communities more accurately, providing more services with each individual project. All planning is made through our German affiliates thus ensuring high quality and innovative design solutions. Our partner architect houses in Bucharest provide us with house planning of the highest level with best surface and price ratios. Our supporting investments in services related to residential development such as surveying and landscaping come as warranty for quality and innovation in all our projects.


Top destinations away from all city noise.

Bavaria Residences are situated just 10 to 15 minutes away from each major city that it serves and less than 5 minutes from any commercial and retail parks, ensuring the easy access and the comfort of our clients.

Project's locations are usually chosen in the Northern most developed parts of the cities, becoming a top destination, away from city noise, with green surroundings, quietness and around other important private and corporate residential investments making it an ideal area.

Green Energy

Bavaria has invested 4 years in green energy research.

Geothermal energy is a reliable, sustainable and environmentally friendly form of resource. It is linear and independent of any weather conditions.

Bavaria Invest has been involved for the past 4 years in identifying investment opportunities in this green energy in Romania.